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Sierra Vista Charter uses an Online Curriculum called Imagine Learning Edgenuity. We teach concepts in approved subjects through pre-recorded videos, assignments and assessments to teach and explain core California state standards. Live virtual tutoring through Imagine Learning staff is available during and outside of normal school hours to help students develop an understanding of their core subjects, and prevent stagnation due to lack of access to support. Sierra Vista also provides in person and online support for the core subjects with a certificated teacher and tutoring through the schools computer lab aides throughout the school day. In conjunction with the district's online monitoring system, the district uses Classroom Relay (formerly Classroom Orchestrator) to monitor and manage students' online access during school hours. It is synced with Google Classroom, where Sierra Vista staff can monitor what their students are working on, as well as respond to students who need help, and prevent the students from accessing unsafe online material.

Parents can easily monitor student progress on Edgenuity through weekly parental progress reports sent to the parent email on file with the school. If the parent wants more detailed information on their student's progress they can request access to the Family Portal option offered by Edgenuity by notifying their students' supervising teacher.

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